KEYLIOS® Solar Tracker

Supporting transition to renewable energies

KEYLIOS® Solar Tracker: a unique design for unique customer benefits

A revolutionary single axis tracker technology ensuring solar farms can be installed onto the most complicated terrains and in an optimal assembly time and under the most severe wind conditions.

• Solar trackers are a rotating structure that optimizes the orientation of solar panels along the day to maximize energy output with a 15% to 30% additional yield compared with fix-mounted solar structures

• Our design, based on a lattice structure and only 2 foundations, allows market access to the most complicated lands (slopes and foundations above ground) and less expensive for a quicker ROI for IPP.

This offer comes in complement to KEYLIOS® Fixed Tilt, a revolutionary solution for utility solar farms.



Certification & homologation


Our products and equipments are compliant with:

ISO 14001

ISO 9001




Your challenge as solar developer

In some countries and regions, availability of terrains for solar development is becoming more critical and more expensive. Developing competitive solar farms on terrains that are not suitable to trackers can be challenging: installation costs can be high due to various criteria such steep slopes; drilled foundations  can be expensive or even forbidden. Typical examples are former landfills, industrial wastelands, old quarries etc. but also hilly terrains or unstable grounds.

Nexans Solar Tracker unique design offers you new possibilities to develop solar farms where other solutions would not make the financial equation right.

KEYLIOS® tracker solution

Compatible with all foundation types, Nexans Keylios 2V trackers come with a disruptive design that allow them to carry up to 90 modules per tracker or 49,5kWc.

The Nexans Keylios tracker require 3 to 7 times less foundations than tradition trackers for a given output, reducing:

  • Cost of piles and drilling
  • Risk of  roaming piles rejection
  •  Site damages
  • Possibility to develop solar farms on less expensive lands with slopes up to 15% in an efficient manner and cost avoidance
  • Solution allowing technical landfill sites and waste sites at an affordable cost
  • Higher safety levels, quality insurance and erection time thanks to the industrialisation of the assembly.
ightweight and robust lattice structure

1 workshop = 5 trackers assembles per day equivalent to 54 kW of installed power


The number of man-hours for assembling one tracker


The % of our trackers being controlled before being fixed on their foundations


The seconds required to mount a solar panel on NST tracker

Key facts about Nexans Solar Technologies

Our mission at Nexans Solar Technologies is to support a mandatory evolution to a cleaner energy future. Our team has designed and developed an innovative single-axis solar tracker solution adapted for all types of solar farms, big and small. Our disruptive KEYLIOS® Solar Tracker design will allow you to expand the range of exploitable lands and diversify the type of sites where you can harvest sun energy more efficiently.

Nexans Solar Technologies (NST) is  provider of trackers to utility scale solar farm developers and installers

Advantages of KEYLIOS® trackers: Modular design

4 piles per tracker (80 piles per MWc) or 2 concrete beams - 40 concrete beams per MWc

•  Up to 2V45 (90 modules or 49.5 kWp per tracker)

• Combination of tracker sizes for optimising the GCR (Ground Coverage Ratio)

• Solution adaptable to any type of solar panel including XXL and bi-facials

Slope tolerance up to 15%

How does it works? On-site assembly workshops

Assembly of the trackers in remote workshops (not at the foot of the foundations) including pre-assembled components at factory

Quality control of 100% of trackers before transport on their foundations avoiding the risk of faulty workmanship

• Quick installation in optimal conditions for operators reducing costs and the risk of projects being suspended due to inclement weather

• Better inventory management with a workshop layout for easy part tracking and less time for dispatching components and parts

• Installation at human height, minimizes the risk of accidents and all operating in the same place for better supervision of the works




Advantages of KEYLIOS® trackers: lightweight and robust lattice structure


Highly resilient design, insensitive to destructive aerodynamic phenomena

Locking points for ensuring the highest resistance in safety position (0° stow position)

Capacity to operate under a wide range of conditions

Did you know?






Less foundations vs competition



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Our team will be happy to support you in your solar farm project, from design to manufacturing and throughout the installation.

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