Nexans, HEC Paris and the HEC Foundation have joined forces to help companies become more sustainable

Apr 12, 2023
Nexans, HEC, HEC Foundation

Christopher Guérin, Delphine Colson, Eloïc Peyrache, Sebastian Becker

Nexans, global group and key player in the energy transition, HEC Paris and the HEC Foundation have launched the “Orchestrating sustainable business transformation” chair to support companies on their journey to greater sustainability.

Back in 2018, Nexans, which designs and produces market-leading cabling systems and services, began its transformation to become a pure player in bringing safer, renewable and decarbonized electrification to all. Sustainability therefore naturally forms part of the Group’s values and today plays a central role in its strategy, permeating through every level of the company. This is reflected in myriad ways, such as its ambition to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030, as well as its Foundation set up to improve access to energy for disadvantaged communities all throughout the world, blazing a trail in the industry.

At the same time, HEC Paris, with support from the HEC Foundation, teaches its students to tackle the major issues facing society, politics and the economy, today and into the future. The business school works alongside decision-makers in the public and private sector, as well as civil society, to develop innovative solutions to the major challenges of our time, in particular through its "Society & Organizations" Institute (S&O).

Driven by this shared ambition to bring about a more sustainable society, the three organizations have entered into a five-year partnership.

The "Orchestrating sustainable business transformation" chair will be headed by Sebastian Becker, associate professor of accounting and management control at HEC Paris.

It will in particular draft a report on the transformation journey undertaken at Nexans. The company will share its experience, its expertise, and its ideas about E3, - Economy, Environment, and Engagement - a performance management method which will be enriched by the research conducted by Professor Becker into sustainable transformation steering tools, knowledge as well as the academic and professional networks of HEC Paris’ S&O Institute.

The Group will also be involved in the various activities organized by the S&O Institute, including conferences, round tables, and discussion sessions between students and employees.

Nexans The Group will also be invited to take part in the certificates offered by HEC Paris around sustainability and the climate transition, such as "Inclusive & Social Business" or "Climate & Business Transition", and present new teaching modules to raise awareness among HEC Paris students (internships in production plants, mini business cases, etc.).

“ I am delighted we have established this partnership and am proud to see the interest HEC and its Foundation have shown in our transformation and commitments. Future-facing companies must shift toward a new performance model that systematically combines Economy, Environment and Engagement as part of a long-term holistic strategy where they work together to find solutions to major problems. By collaborating with HEC and setting up the chair, we will be able to go even further in building new approaches, behaviors, mentalities and training courses for the managers of today and the students who will follow in their footsteps. ”

Christopher Guérin

Nexans CEO

“ We are thrilled to be part of this partnership with Nexans setting up the ‘Orchestrating sustainable business transformation’ chair. This collaboration and our shared values will enable us to combine our strengths and expertise to inspire significant change. Together, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to help the leaders of tomorrow bring about a more sustainable future. ”

Eloïc Peyrache

Dean and General Director of HEC Paris

“ We are very pleased to see Nexans join the list of companies supporting the Foundation. The partnership with the S&O Institute will enable us to work together to develop new, more sustainable business models for the future of business. We are very grateful for companies like Nexans, which support research and teaching in leading universities such as HEC. It is thanks to them that we can give researchers and professors the resources they need to broaden their knowledge. ”

Olivier Sevillia

President of the HEC Foundation

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