MV cables

For large collective buildings and those with high energy needs, these 12-20 kV and 20-30 kV PVC cables also come in HFFR versions for fire-protection, and chemically reticulated polyethylene versions to resist chemical attack and high temperatures.

For automotive plants, ironworks, heavy industry

 MV cables


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MV underground power cables
Power Network Cabling/Medium Voltage

Our two leading types of medium-voltage cables are XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) and EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). The former is used worldwide, while the latter is mainly for selected markets.

From a design point of view, medium-voltage cables are of three types:

  • single-core cables,
  • three single-core cables laid-up (triplex),
  • three-core cables.

Nexans cables are customer designed to meet your high performance standards.

Service Cables
Power Network Cabling/Low Voltage/LV Underground Cables
Distribution cables
Power Network Cabling/Low Voltage/LV Underground Cables

Medium and low-voltage cables (1kV to 60 kV) are used in the basic distribution network that brings power from high-voltage substations to cities and remote areas.

To provide this needed power for change, Nexans has been leading the way in new materials and designs for distribution cables and networks. We also master installation techniques in some of the toughest environments imaginable, including submarine, aerial and dense urban conditions.

Accessories, too, are key elements in any powergrid. That is why we custom design joints, terminations and connections to user's specifications. We offer a full range of standard products, and have the logistics to deliver turnkey projects worldwide.