Variable Frequency Drive cables

Variable Frequency Drive cablesNexans’ VFD cables are designed to improve EMC protection and the operating performance of variable frequency drive systems used with bow and side thrusters, movable pod propulsion systems, winches, top drives, lifts and motors on platforms, drilling ships and FPSOs. Thanks to the excellent dielectric insulation materials, shielding design, triple grounding and outstanding braided flexibility, Nexans VFD cables have proven to be the best overall in independent tests of speed drives.

They reduce high-frequency noise emission and bearing current effects, with minimal effective capacitance per unit, while geometric arrangement ensures identical coupling capacitance.

  • Increased critical cable length between drives and motors thanks to superior dielectric constant of the insulation material
  • Minimal interference for communications, data and control equipment
  • Extremely short lead times and On Time Delivery
  • Reduced ageing and longer lifetime of insulation materials