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Nexans’ experts actively participate in the development of new standards and regulations on fire safety for its products and have been involved in developing the CPR cable classification for Reaction and Resistance to Fire since its early days.

As we have put in place all appropriate systems of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP), we are confident we provide you with products that are thoroughly tested and thus comply with the Euroclasses.

We have the paper trail to prove it, the CE mark and the Declaration of Performance.


CPR infographics by Nexans
Nexans will support you:

  • by providing the full range of products required for all construction works certified in the appropriate class (power and communication cables)
  • by providing the necessary support and services to facilitate your work (CPR consistent labeling, cable applications and cable performances, FAQ, Nexans Tracker)




Nexans Tracker: your quick and easy access to the Declaration of Performance of our products.


In order to facilitate your work (and as paper documents may get lost during logistics operations), Nexans has developed NEXANS TRACKER, an online tool allowing direct consultation and download of the regulatory information related to the Construction Products Regulation. As a customer you can directly check online the compliance of our products with the regulation and their performance classes defined within the regulation.



  • Get the product name or product part number 
  • Access to the information:
    • Online through our website (screenshots of Nexans Tracker on website + catalogue) either using
    • A specific search tool : key in a product part number and access information related to the regulation 
    • Or directly within our e-catalogue: access to regulatory documents associated with products on the product sheet 
  • On the move from your smart phone through our Nexans APP


Main benefits of Nexans Tracker: 

  • Save time
  • Access and download the information wherever you are and whenever you need, in a much quicker and easier way than through the traditional sales channels
  • Complete traceability and transparency of the provided information 
  • Ensure full compliance to the regulation as you can use this information in your own supply chain 
  • Reliable: as soon as a Declaration of Performance has been drawn up, it will be made available on the Nexans Tracker. Moreover, the provided documents will always be up to date and remain available on our website