Power & control cables

Shipboard cables manufactured by Nexans are designed for fixed applications on board of commercial or navy vessels. Depending on the mechanical risk exposition, 2 various ranges are proposed:

  • Unarmored cables with MPRX® designation
  • Armored cables with MPRXCX® designation

In order to shorten installation time, improve the flexibility for lower bending radius and lower bending force, Nexans designs MPRX® and MPRXCX® FLEXISHIP® power range with flexible class 5 conductors. For further weight and space savings sector shape conductors are also designed with flexible cores.

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Power and control cables

For larger cruise ships, an onboard "central station" electric plant turns the vessel into a self-contained power utility for propulsion and various services, including passenger entertainment. An entire range of low and high-voltage cables and connectors are essential to this floating power plant.