Xavier, Business Development Manager, Australia - New Zealand

EDHEC Business School, Lille/Nice


My education and early responsibilities:

After more than 8 years experience in areas such as metal procurement, metal and currency hedging and treasury management I took the opportunity to join the Asia-Pacific team in Marketing and Sales.
After the acquisition of the Olex group by Nexans, I relocated to Australia.

Why I chose Nexans:

I wanted an international career and a chance to learn various things. Senior management was open-minded and supportive. I stayed because Nexans was no lame duck. The Group is an ambitious market leader that makes acquisitions and offers possibilities you won’t find elsewhere.

My job today:

I have 2 main roles: the first one is to facilitate the integration of the Olex group within Nexans in terms of finance, risk management and commercial synergies.
The second one is to develop the strategic plans in interaction with all functions of the company, and support the business units in their market developments, investments, and pricing strategies.