5G WDM Outdoor active cabinet

  1. Environment, application and market trends

The mobile data traffic is booming worldwide. With the development of small cell architectures, the number of radio sites is following an exponential growth. 5G will fuel this trend. data
A key challenge for Telecom operator lays in collecting the traffic but the backhaul network is close to saturation.
The term backhaul network refers to the intermediate network that includes the links between the radio access network and the core network. The backhaul network thus starts at the cell site and ends up in the core network as shown here after:

To improve capex/opex, Telecom operators are sharing their infrastructures:

  • Sites and equipment are shared among operators,
  • Fixed access network is merged with radio access network and shared among few players.

With the fast development of FFTH (Fibre To The Home) solutions, Telecom operators have massively invested in fibre optic network and WDM technologies. An integrated fixed-mobile strategy, encompassing the usage of core and backhaul network infrastructure to provide both fixed and mobile services, has been increasingly adopted by operators because of the synergies that can lead to improvements of efficiency and competitiveness in the context of a highly dynamic electronic communications market. Outdoor cabinets need then to be re-engineered to receive new active and passive equipment. In some case, existing installed cabinet have no room to add new router nor active metro WDM or have no air conditioning system. Nexans has specifically developed a new outdoor cabinet product range to address this new market requirement and provides Telecom carriers the possibility to build a 5G ready backhaul network. Primarily designed for FTTX architectures, Outdoor cabinets are organized in two parts: According to the environment, cooling/heating systems and/or security and remote management devices are implemented.
In each cabinet compartment, free positions are reserved:

  • on the left-hand side, for future extensions and/or for WDM mobile-dedicated equipment,
  • on the right-hand side, to terminate and manage fibre optic cables coming from the mobile cell sites.



2. 5G WDM Active Outdoor Cabinet Product description and Advantages

Nexans 5G WDM Active Outdoor Cabinet is a double skin design. Nexans is designing the cabinet in close relation with telecom carrier engineering and deployment team to provide to site a ready-to-use solution. Optional cooling and heating systems could be configured according to specific application and environment.

Protection level: IK10/IP55
W-shape central channel to manage the fibre optic patch cords overlength. Left and right-hand side compartments are 19” design and received:
- The power unit with circuit breaker and battery for a 6h autonomy (1800W)
- 2xODF (2U) to terminate the fibre optic cables and manage the patching.
On the outside, a power socket is available to plug a power generator if needed.
2 LED lamps are installed to facilitate installation and maintenance operations.
Security first: Alarm management, redundancy, spare part management. As the cabinet received vital network equipment the level of security is customized with operational teams. Alarms are transmitted to the Network Operational Center via WDM, or fixed lines.

Standards equipment:

  • Lifting eyes
  • Opening the right side panel from the inside
  • Door locks (opening at 120 °)
  • Access hatches to the base
  • Grounding terminal connected to all metal components of the cabinet (EC)
  • Handle closure with 2 or 3-point lock (key lock)
  • Cable entries with cable glands and plugs (Ø and number to be defined)
  • Base for fixing in concrete slab 4 or 6 fixing points.


Key advantages:

  • Capex/opex reduction by sharing the infrastructure for fixed and radio networks.
  • Custom designed to address specific configurations and customer needs.
  • 0 site installation error and quick installation time thanks to the factory mounting with all equipment (active and passive) installed.
  • Free U available for future extension.
  • A modular solution, based on industrial and standardized products to reduce TTM and to split CAPEX over time.


3. Product range

A complete range of alternative equipment/accessories to customize the solution according to customer needs and configurations:

Heating and cooling system      Power
Power distribution Unit Power
Battery autonomy    Autonomy/Power   
Cables clamps Number
ODF    Number and features   
Telecom equipment    Type and integration


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