Nexans Interface celebrates its 100 years!

The Vrigne-aux-Bois plant, Nexans Interface's historical manufacturing site of connection solutions for ADSL/copper and fibre optic networks, will celebrate its centenary in June 2019. A quick retrospective to discover the history of the Ardennes' site.

The history of Nexans Interface - formerly known as MARS - dates back to the days following the First World War and the emergence of electronics and automated telecommunication networks. At the time, the company mainly manufactured junction boxes for underground networks. Over the decades, Nexans Interface expanded in response to technological developments and thanks to decisive commercial partnerships, both in France and abroad. The company gradually established itself as an acknowledged expert in connection accessories for ADSL/copper telecommunications networks and is now a key stakeholder in technologies related to the construction of fibre optic networks.



The Vrigne-aux-Bois factory, from the 1950s to today

Didier JACQUES, test technician at the Vrigne-aux-Bois laboratory, explains how he had to adapt to the new technological requirements of the market:

I used to work exclusively with copper. The fibre took over in a flash: I had to replace at a moment's notice a colleague who was leaving, the only one to know about optical technologies, and start again from scratch. At the time, we had to carry out calculations by hand. We also designed and developed our own tools, such as the welder that was used to produce the first watertight optical closure, called WTC 1.



The Nexans Interface manufacturing workshops

Régine DARDARD has been working as an operator at Nexans Interface since 1978:

At Nexans, managers listen to our needs. Colleagues who went elsewhere came back quickly. We feel good at Nexans because it's like a big family! We do not get bored either: even while remaining an operator, I had the opportunity to learn and evolve thanks to the large variety of our products. And there is no shortage of work to be done: twenty years ago we were five, now we are more than fifty!

Laure DUCHESNE was truly delighted to be hired as an operator one year ago:

I am touched by the trust and recognition that have been placed in me. After 10 years in the food industry, I had no experience in fibre. I learned much from my colleagues. Moreover, the work is not repetitive, as it is renewed with each new product.

Nexans Interface in a few words

Nexans Interface counts among its long-standing customers major French operators such as Orange, Free, Bouygues and SFR, the Belgian operator Proximus and installers like Sogetrel, Axians and GDF Suez, as well as integrators such as Nokia. The company has also expanded its export sales to Africa, all over Europe and Asia. Nexans Interface is now part of an operational unit dedicated to telecom infrastructures - Telecom Infrastructure Business Group - and can therefore offer solutions to its customers relying on all these factories.