HYPRON® : the best-in-class solution for oil, gas and chemicals environments


A multilayer inner sheath provides optimal protection against chemical fluids penetrating
into cable cores. Aluminum-coated tape sealing ensures cables are watertight and resistant to inorganic and organic chemicals. In addition, two concentric co-extruded layers made of special chemical resistant polymers ensure the resistance against aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons ingress.


UP TO 20% DIRECT SAVINGS compared to lead covered  cables

  • diameter reduction
  • weight reduction

UP TO 3 TIMES ADDITIONAL COST REDUCTION cosnidering a full TCO approach

  • Less effort to install
  • Less drums to longer lenghts
  • Less splicing
  • Manpower cost reduction
  • Lower transportation costs

HYPRON® technology is compatible with all product range delivers best-in-class products.

This unique multilayer solution can be incorporated into all Nexans’ cables and accessories, from power to data and from copper to fiber.All cables are available in armored as well as non-armored versions, and offer the same levels of flame non-propagation and fire performance. Each product family is capable of supporting the biggest projects in the oil, gas and chemical industries and undergoes type tests ensuring performance beyond the design standard. HYPRON® cables are compatible with Nexans termination and splicing kits.