Railway Infrastructure White Paper

Rail infrastructure shapes the mobility of tomorrow

This report is intended to give a general overview of the global Railway Network market and provide information about how Nexans is continuing to provide new products, solutions and services to serve that market.

Railway Infrastructure White Paper It opens with a broad description of the world Railway Industry and how it is affected by global transportation requirements, the cost of energy, climate change, customer demand, geographical constraints and recent technical developments. Both sides of the rail equation – infrastructure and rolling stock – are affected by these major trends, and both in turn affect each other. They are highly symbiotic.

Then the paper briefly examines current trends in Railway Infrastructure, itself. Some developments are demand-driven; others are related to government policy, technological changes, the public demand for information as part of the travel experience, and operator needs, like predictive maintenance. This concludes with a brief list of customer expectations.

The third section explains Nexans’ involvement in three basic areas of Infrastructure: Main Lines, Main Stations, and Urban Mass Transit (although these three areas contain subcategories: Regional lines fall under Main Lines, Main Stations are also Buildings, as well; and Urban Mass Transit includes several kinds of rail vehicles, like Suburban Light Rail, Metros, and Tramways, etc. each with its own infrastructure needs.

Next it reviews some diverse but basic products for all of the basic areas, and concentrates on four innovations, concluding that such a broad scope of infrastructure solutions requires a generalist cable supplier deeply involved in services, research and constant innovation.


Introduction: broad industry trends

Current trends in railway infrastructure

  • Customer expectations
  • Expectations of a cable manufacturer 

Nexans: a global leader in the industry

  • Three basic areas
  • High-performance railway infrastructure cables and components
  • Innovative solutions for cost-effective upgrades and safety


 Appendix: some nexans rail headlines and milestones