Livre Blanc : Automatismes

Enhanced reliability, new opportunities

AutomationCe livre blanc existe seulement en anglais .

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I. Introduction : From the factory floor to the service industry

1. The place of automation in the world economy
2. Types and trends in machine tools and robotics
3. New challenges and opportunities
3.1 Mobility
3.2 Intelligence
3.3 Internet networking
3.4 Compactness
3.5 Standardization
3.6 Safety
4. Customer expectations of cable suppliers

II. Nexans:  Global experts in machine tools and automation

1. Cable solutions for manufacturing
2. Cable solutions beyond manufacturing
3. Local service, innovation and reliability

III. Appendix

Some recent Nexans success stories, innovations and references
Tables from VDMA (machine tools) and UNECE Report: 2004 Robotics Survey

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