WHAT'S WATT: the channel dedicated to electricity

In our WHAT’S WATT video series we discuss everything there is to discuss about electricity, from those little neurons in your brain to today’s biggest hydroelectric stations. We talk about energy, transmission lines and new emerging technologies. If it has to do with electricity, we got it covered!

Why a channel about electricity?

  • We want to share our passion for electricity
  • Electricity is everywhere: sometimes we forget it even exists
  • Understanding electricity is understanding how our world operates
  • Making the invisible visible: we will make electricity visible for you
  • Electricity is filled with all sorts of fun facts
  • There is so much science in electricity
  • Our future depends on electricity

On our WHAT’S WATT channel we broadcast videos about electricity every two weeks for a full season running from October to June.

Our Nexans science expert Frédéric Lesur co-hosts the video series with two science communicators: Athena Brensberger (astrophysics), and Vanessa Hill (psychology and neuroscience).


Nexans host


Science communicators



Meet Frédéric, our Nexans science expert
  • Frédéric Lesur is a Senior Engineer for High Voltage Products and Cable Systems at Nexans and a member of international organizations and scientific working groups since 1994
  • Frédéric is fond of science popularization: he is involved in different educational projects and scientific networks, and is a contributor to the biggest science festival in the world: “Pint of Science”
  • Frédéric has a passion for electricity and airships, and a real concern about saving our planet.

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