MOTIONLINE® Single Pair Ethernet cable for easy installation

motionline Single pair application

Following the IoT (Internet of Things) megatrend, factories are even more interconnected. Increased availability of information and control capacity allow for more reliable forecasts, benefits in terms of flexibility and energy balance, reductions in waste. IoT (Internet of Things) is a fundamental technological component in Industry 4.0 projects to make intelligent machines and production lines through the integration of sensors, actuators and components of Edge Computing for real-time data processing and consequently, start of automatic processes. MOTIONLINE® Single Pair Ethernet cable suitable with sensors, actuators, alarm systems and other small devices, is the most effective and space saving solutions.

Nexans takes up the challenge and launches a single twisted pair ethernet cable, suitable for small devices and drag chain applications. The EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) shielding protects the communication signal against disruption and disturbs, whereas the polyurethane (PUR) jacket withstands exposure to oils and chemicals. SPE (single pair ethernet) cable is UL approved and its transmission rate can reach up to Gigabit. Nexans MOTIONLINE® Single Pair Ethernet cable combines the transmission reliability of MOTIONLINE® industrial ethernet cables, with small dimensions and reduced weight that allow an easy installation.

The MOTIONLINE® cable offer is tested at the Nexans Motion Application Centre that simulate realistic conditions for required bending, torsional strength, and tension; ensuring the high performances of the automation cables and meet with the customers’ critical requirements.”

Nexans MOTIONLINE® Single Pair Ethernet cables are produced in Nexans Nuremberg, Germany.

“ We are very proud to be able to offer an alternative to our customers who are looking for both the reliability of Ethernet technology and also require a cabling solution that has less impact in terms of weight and size. ”

Andreas Rietz

Automation Product Manager
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