Everyday life made easier for installers

Solutions that make everyday life easier for electrical installers

Nexans has placed research and innovation at the heart of its strategy for many years, and is developing solutions to make life easier for installers on the construction site: 

  • EASYFIL H07V U: three pre-assembled H07V-U wires using a peel-off binder
  • PASSEO : integrates a handle with cable guide
  • EASYCALC: cross-section calculator available online and on Nexans APP
  • METRIUM: printed marking on the cable that allows the remaining length on reels and coils to be read at a glance
  • DISTINGO U1000 R2V: color code for quick identification of the cable cross-section 
  • DISTINGO NX TAG: cable with a white marking area, allowing the destination of the cable to be noted quickly and permanently with any type of marker 
  • MOBIWAY MOB: reel system with tripod and anti-slip pads for faster pulling during installation 
Marie de Williencourt
“ At every stage of the product development process we maintain a close relationship with electrical installers. Our ideas all come from the field, from the professionals with whom we regularly exchange ideas. They call on their common sense and experience. Our innovations are then tested, adjusted and tried out on site before being launched. A product that does not simplify the life of the craftsman or save him time has no place at Nexans. ”
Marie de Williencourt
Nexans Marketing & Innovation Director for Southern Europe

Nexans blog: a reference site for electrical professionals

Designed in close collaboration with on-site installers, the blog is divided into several categories that go well beyond the installation aspect of the electrician’s role:

  • profession
  • business management
  • safety 
  • regulations
  • responsible installer

The aim of the blog is to provide you with a platform of resources including articles, infographics, wiring diagrams. 

The platform is collaborative: the Nexans teams contribute articles, and you can also submit suggested topics.


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