Distingo NX'TAG U-1000 R2V

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Details make difference

The new rigid U-1000 R2V cable DISTINGO NX'TAG was designed for low voltage 0.6 / 1kV installations. 

The DISTINGO NX'TAG range for the French market is 100% produced in France. Its copper core comes from our metallurgy unit in Lens (62). The DISTINGO NX'TAG U-1000 R2V range of cables is then manufactured in the Autun factory (71). A unique know-how and "Made in France" product.

More informations about the range:

A simple but essential innovation

During an electrical installation, it is necessary to identify the cables drawn for their final connection to the electrical panel.

Labelling each cable has become common practice for electrical installers. Until now, cables were identified by means of adhesives or labels. According to installers, this solution wastes a lot of time and is not sustainable.

Nexans has therefore equipped its DISTINGO U-1000 R2V cable with a white marking area, allowing the destination of the cable to be noted quickly and permanently with any type of marker.

Distingo marking
Number of cores directly printed on the cable

The whole DISTINGO NX'TAG range is provided with a marking which identifies clearly the section and the core of the cable. 

Every section, 1,5 & 2,5 mm², is defined by its own colourwith a specific border. This detail guarantees a safer and faster installation : you can immediately tell how many conductors the cable has and check your cable at a glance.

Metrium, to know the length of the remaining cable

Always concerned about making life easier for all users of R2V cables, Nexans developped the Metrium length marking.

This specificity allows you to easily and quickly read the installed and remaining cable lengths on your drums.

Evaluate instantly the length of the remaining cable.

Find the right cable for the right installation in a few seconds.

Check the installed lengths in one second. 

Quentin Dubuis
“ DISTINGO NX'TAG is a very good product, simple, practical, which saves us time. On the one hand, the color code indicates the cable section, and on the other hand, we no longer need to tape labels to identify our cables during installation: the white marking zone is immediately visible when the cables are pulled and in the electrical panel. ”
Quentin Dubuis
Thevelec Electricité company, Lyon (FR)
DISTINGO NX'TAG is available on Mobiway MOB

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