Choosing the electrical architecture: an essential step

Strong growth is expected in the electric vehicle sector between 2025 and 2030.

In Europe, combustion-powered vehicles will be banned by 2035. Over the next few years, cities, states and countries will be increasingly committed to achieving carbon neutrality. Many private individuals will want to acquire electric vehicles and have easy access to charging stations. There is a clear need to speed up the deployment of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in condominiums, especially as by 2022 the proportion of condominiums equipped with EV Charging Infrastructures will be close to 2%.    

To deploy more public and private EV Charging Infrastructures, the sector needs to overcome a number of challenges. In condominiums, the installation of EV Charging Infrastructures is very often slowed down by a lack of consensus on a solution and a method of financing. In addition, the EV Charging Infrastructure architectures on offer vary in terms of cost, ease of deployment and modularity for future extensions. There is also a lack of qualified installers.

Understanding the different architectures

The choice of technical architecture is not solely linked to the choice of financial scheme and individual or collective metering point.

In fact, the decentralised distribution architecture based on a twisted cable as the bus distribution and branches with perforated connectors to supply each terminal can be installed in all cases, whether in shared ownership or for covered tertiary car parks, whatever the financing method.

Why choose a BUS distribution?

At Nexans, we can play an active role in the deployment of EV Charging Infrastructures, because we are experts in decentralised BUS & branch architecture.

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